Distilleria del Limoncino was born at the end of the 80s thanks to the passion of Perrone Family for the local products of the Amalfi Coast and its traditions.

Its initial activity was the production of local limoncino following ancient family recipes and only using local lemon’s peels.

Later, other productions were added to the Limoncino (such as Strawberries liquer, Rocket, Fennel and so on) as well as cream liqueurs.

So, the Lemon Cream was born and its success was really large.

Nowadays, the Distillery offers in its brochure 7 types of liqueurs with fruits and herbs aromas and 11 cream liqueurs.

After the opening of the new shop in Piazza Duomo in Amalfi, the activity of the Distillery has grown up and so now you can also find a selection of food products and cosmetics. All these products are directly related to the Amalfi Coast and Southern Italy.

Among all our products, our highlights are the chilly peppers, an authentic family passion, which are proposed in all variants: from sauces to spread on bread to the fresh ones and to very creative bouquets.

Not to be forgotten the famous lemons from the Amalfi Coast which you will find in all possible ways: scents, soaps, sugar almonds, candies, liqueurs, body creams and home furnishings objects.