The “Distilleria del Limoncino” is located in the centre of Amalfi, just off the wonderful Cathedral Square, near the impressive fountain which represents St. Andrew, the patron-saint of Amalfi.

Our shop is for sure one of the most popular in pictures which are massively taken thanks to the variety and the anthenticity of our products.

Here you will be able to find a little treasure of aromas and spices, sauces and jams all made using local products and of course, the very good lemons from Amalfi.

Our liqueur production is one of the most appreciated one in Amalfi and they are all sold in very particular bottles with several shapes and sizes. Lemons and their features are also used for the production of scents and cosmetic products.

Also, we can’t forget our love for chilly peppers which are available in different types such as: dry, fresh, sauce and many others. Thanks to our ability and passion and for the products used, we are part of the “Italian Academy of Chilly Pepper”.

All our products are chosen to exalt the tastes and the scents of our wonderful land: the Amalfi Coast.