Distilleria del Limoncino Amalfi

Distilleria del Limoncino Amalfi



Lemon scented Body cream


The Lemon scented Body cream takes advantage of the many beneficial properties of essential oil of this fruit. Useful for its effect anti-inflammatory relieves the painful symptoms in arthritis and rheumatism; tones the circulatory system and helps you to reduce hassles like heavy legs , cellulite , varicose veins and chilblains . It is also a great cleansing for the skin, useful in case of epelle oily acne. It helps lighten the epidermis stains caused by the sun or by old age because it promotes the formation of new cells.


  • sweet almond oil,
  • wheat germ oil,
  • hazelnut oil,
  • lemon essential oil,
  • Vitamin E

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