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Distilleria del Limoncino Amalfi


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Super Spicy cream


Our hottest creams, made with the best peppers in the world. A taste from the Guinness Book of Records.

  • Crema di Habanero rosso ~ 350.000 – 855.000 SHU
  • Crema di Habanero bianco ~ 100.000 – 350.000 SHU
  • Crema di Habanero lemon ~ 100.000 – 350.000 SHU
  • Crema di Trinidad – Moruga Red Scorpion ~ 1.067.286 – 2.000.231 SHU
  • Crema di Bhut Jolokia Chocolate ~ fino a 1.000.000 SHU
  • Crema di Carolina Reaper ~ fino a 1,569,300 SHU
  • Crema di Naga Morich ~ fino a 1.100.000 SHU
  • Viagro


The chili pepper is our passion.

The hot chili pepper is used as a food from centuries in Mexico and throughout South America. In Europe he arrives thanks to Christopher Columbus that brought him from America with his second voyage, in 1493, and was spread by the Spaniards, finding an instant success thanks to the ease way  which the plant of chili is acclimated in the old continent. Later it spread to Africa and Asia, adopted as a spice also from that part of the population who could not afford to buy the most expensive and precious cinnamon and nutmeg.

Its name comes from pepper, in Latin piper, but was called by the natives chilli or xilli, name remained largely in the Spanish of Mexico and Central America (chile) and in English (chili).

The creams we offer are made with some of the many available varieties of this plant and all of them have the characteristic of being very … very spicy. They are therefore intended to connoisseurs and in many cases should be consumed with care.

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Habanero rosso, Habanero bianco, Habanero lemon, Moruga Red Scorpion, Bhut Jolokia Chocolate, Carolina Reaper, Naga Morich, Viagro


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