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Ordinary Black Truffle
Super Extra Cat. (Cal. 5~25gr.*)

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The Black Truffle Bagnoli is ripe from autumn to winter. Sometimes it is also available in Spring.
* Low availability to the quarry.

Size: depending on availability to the quarry. Minimum order: 250 gr.

Maximum quantity: upon request and after checking the availability of fresh product

Note: The product is shipped in a chilled box that allows perfect preservation and preservation of organoleptic characteristics.


The Ordinary Black Truffle, also known as Bagnoli, has rounded shape with irregular lobes, sectioned takes on renal appearance.

The average size of this truffle varies from 2 to 10cm and up.

The outer garment (peridium) is blackish or dark brown with warts with polygonal base, less protruding than the brim. The flesh (gleba) is fleshy, initially white-beige then gray with various brown tones.

The aroma of the Black Truffle of Bagnoli is very intense and deep, especially in the newly unearthed specimens, similar to dyeing iodine or phytoxic acid. This characteristic aroma attenuates after cooking or prolonged exposure to air.

This truffle matures in the autumn-winter period, not excluding spring.

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Super Extra Cat. (Cal. 5~25gr.*)

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