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White truffle from Alba and Acqualagna –
Cat. Extra (Cal. 0~30gr.)

T. Magnatum

This truffle is riping from september to december.

Size: depending on availability to the quarry. Minimum order: 250 gr.

Maximum quantity: upon request and after checking the availability of fresh product

Note: The product is shipped in a chilled box that allows perfect preservation and preservation of organoleptic characteristics.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


The white truffle of Alba and Acqualagna is a product reserved for the finest connoisseurs and gourmet professionals, in fact it is a timely synthesis between food, exclusive food, the object of desire.

In fact, in spite of the full commercial value, this truffle is a fetish for the enthusiasts. Its aroma is peculiar with an olfactory trait with a sharp, vaguely agliaceous, round, inebriating maturity. The taste is distinct from the first taste for flavor, intensity and persistence, with a typical reminder of extra cheese.

The fruits of this truffle have a globular shape, often very flattened, jagged and irregular as a result of the soil and the plant species that determine the growth habitat. The peridium (peel) varies from pale yellow to yellow olivast or even ocraceous with red-brown patches that may show gray-greenish shades in stages before full maturation. Conversely, peridium is always smooth or slightly papillized to magnifying observation. The internal flesh (gleba) is traced by numerous well-branched white veins that make up a marbling, such as marble. Its color appears sequentially from white to yellowish to yellowish shades including hazelnut to maroon (but never brown loaded).

The size of the fruit in the White Truffle varies from the size of a pea to those of a large potato but there are also specimens harvested and certified outside the kilo. Typically, the ripening of this species takes place between September and December, depending on the influenza caused by the altitude of stinging truffles.

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Cat. Extra (Cal. 0~30gr.)

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